Key Areas of Expertise

The team at Future Ventures has been involved in the creation, development and sale of several companies, and brings a wealth of experience and success, to any opportunity.

This provides a key point of difference to any other financial buyer/investor in the sense that the investment and the management input come together as one complete package.

Our business experience, built up over 20 years in the world of mobile communications industry, one of the fastest and most competitive spaces in the UK, has developed key core skills and experiences which we bring to any venture in any industry with which we get involved.

International Purchasing

Our companies have developed procurement routes from Europe, USA and Asia and dealt with the full variety of complexities from specific and onerous tax regimes to all the QC issues inherent in non-homogenous goods.


Our partners have a combined 40 years director level experience in the mobile phone industry and have built up a wealth of knowledge and contacts.

Software Development

We have long established links into the Mumbai software development community having established from a standing start a team of 40 software developers. Where software development is a component of a business model this relationship can be leveraged to great effect.

Business Development

We have established and managed multi million pound international sales channels across Europe, Asia, America and South America, selling products and services to organisations of all sizes, one-man operations to some of the largest companies in the world. Our sales office in Hong Kong was grown within five years to be the largest of its kind in its field against a host of competitors.

Rapid Growth

Two of our companies have featured a combined three times in the Sunday Times Fast Track 100 list of fastest growing companies in the UK, testament to our ability to grow the companies we work with hard and fast.

Maximising Shareholder Value

We have already exited two ventures to international buyers, having grown the companies involved to sufficient size with the necessary attributes including key commercial relationships, proprietary software, contractual revenue streams and strong second tier management teams to make them suitable for onward sale at strong multiples.

Key Areas Of Expertise

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