Target Companies

Our target company would have a profit in the range of £0.5 million to £3 million, a defendable market position and an unexploited growth story. Minimum turnover would be £2.0m but preferably larger.

We believe our approach will benefit those businesses and business owners who:

  • Believe their company is primed for further expansion but don’t have the funding or desire necessary to deliver on the potential.

  • Want to retire from active day to day operations and would like to see their business continue to trade and grow but don’t necessarily have the drive and energy or ideas to carry it forward.

  • Are financially challenged and unable to execute on their business plan or invest in growing their business, due to financial restraints or a lack of support from their financiers.

  • Are looking for a change of direction or not as enthused about their business due to the tough recent economic climate.

Key Areas Of Expertise

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